Setting and House Rules

Rifts: Promise of Power uses several setting rules on top of the standard Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rules. These rules are covered in more detail in the Savage Rifts Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, but they are recapped here for convenience.

Blaze of Glory
When a character is Incapacitated from wounds, rather than rolling on the Incapacitation Table, the player may choose to go out in a blaze of glory. The effects of the injury that incapacitated the character are negated, the player receives three Bennies, and the character will die by the end of the session. The player and GM should take a moment to negotiate the exact circumstances of the character’s heroic end, and he may even get the time for a final speech or few dying words, but his end is set in stone.

Blood and Guts
Anyone can spend a Benny to reroll damage rolls. Because of this, the No Mercy Edge is not used in the Savage Rifts setting.

Born a Hero
Characters ignore Rank requirements for Edges and powers at character creation, though specific other requirements still apply.

Critical Failures
Bennies cannot be spent to reroll a result of snake eyes.

Death and Defeat
Characters who fail their Incapacitation roll on the Death and Defeat table (Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide page 122) rather than necessarily dying.

Draining PPE/ISP
Some creatures have an inherent ability to drain magical or psionic energy from other beings. The drainer usually has to meet specific conditions (such as drawing blood, inflicting pain, or so on). A Trait roll is made and the target resists with Spirit; on a success, the being drains 1d6 Power points, or 1d8 on a raise. This ability can be used against creatures without an Arcane Background, but it can only drain up to half the creature’s Spirit die (so a creature with d6 Spirit could supply up to 3 PPE). Killing a creature can provide far more PPE, but heroes would never do this.

Extra Effort
A player may spend a Benny to add a d6 to a Trait roll rather than rerolling it. This rule cannot be used with damage rolls.

Joker’s Wild
When a Joker is drawn in combat, all players immediately get a bonus Benny. Wild Card Edges activate on any round a Joker is drawn at all, not just for the character who drew the Joker.

Technical Difficulties
When a player rolls a critical failure while using a piece of high-tech equipment, that equipment becomes damaged. See page 123 of the Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide for more information.

Edges and Hindrances

The Young Hindrance is replaced in Savage Rifts by the following version:
A Young hero cannot raise any physical attribute or any skill linked to a physical attribute above d6 until he becomes an adult and starts with 4 Attribute points instead of 5.
If the hero’s race starts him with a physical attribute at d6 or higher, he can advance that attribute one die type before reaching adulthood. (So for example, a young elf would have a maximum Agility of d8 rather than d6.)
Additionally, the character suffers –1 Toughness, as though Small.
On the plus side, young heroes tend to be pretty lucky. They draw one extra benny at the beginning of each game session. This is in addition to any additional bennies gained from such things as the Luck or Great Luck Edges.
If the character should live long enough to mature, the Hindrance doesn’t have to be bought off. He’s already paid the price for the Hindrance by starting at a disadvantage. He stops getting the extra benny when he becomes an adult, however.

Individual Rules

The following houserules are new for Rifts: Promise of Power.

Adventure Deck
This campaign uses the Adventure Deck. Characters gain 1 card per Rank at the beginning of each session and may play one card from their hand. Anything that grants an extra draw grants an extra play. After their free play(s), a player may spend 1 Benny to play an additional card. Characters may trade cards but not simply give them away.


  • Juicer players can spend Bennies to reroll their Burn roll at the beginning of the session, effectively rerolling their Burn loss in exchange for starting with one less Benny.
  • When a Juicer spends Burn during a session, he rolls his Burn die to determine if that point is lost permanently or not. On a roll of his permanent Burn score or higher, the Burn loss is permanent (and recalculates his Burn score immediately); otherwise, that Burn comes back at the start of the next session.

Skill Advancement
Skills do not cost more to advance after character creation than they do during character creation. Gaining a new skill at d4 only costs half an advance rather than a full advance (as per the core rules).

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Setting and House Rules

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