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The heart of the Coalition, the city-state of Chi-Town is located on the southern edge of the blasted ruins of the old-world city called “Chicago.” Chi-Town itself is a massive fortress-arcology, a self-contained mega-structure several miles across at the base and almost half a mile tall at its highest. Over a million people call Chi-Town home, most of them residents of the poorly-maintained and poverty-stricken lower levels.

The southern and eastern edges of the territory are kept cleared for military and civilian transit, but the northern and western sides of the city-state are sprawling ruins and ghettoes known as “the ’Burbs.” Malcontents, refugees, criminals, and terrorists live in the ’Burbs, along with families whose ancestors came to Chi-Town looking for a better life, only to be kept waiting outside the walls for generations.


Rumor speaks of an ancient continent called “Atlantis” that has risen from the waves somewhere to the east of the North American coast. Hideous monsters with advanced technology sometimes perform slave raids along the coast, and the rumors link these monstrous raiders to Atlantis. What sort of place the “lost continent” might be is unknown to almost everyone, but popular legends speak of it as a place of danger and terror.

Devil’s Gate

Along the banks of the Mississippi River lies a ruined city. At the middle of this city is an enormous arch, hundreds of feet tall, constantly ripping with the blue glow of ley line energies. This arch, the Devil’s Gate, opens more often and regularly than any other known rift in North America, disgorging monsters, entities, and strange phenomena at an unbelievable rate. No civilization can survive within miles of the Devil’s Gate, but the cyber-knights are known to keep a chapterhouse nearby to monitor the Gate.


The city-state of Ishpeming is a dirty, sprawling metropolis that exists primarily to support the kingdom’s main employer, the weapons manufacturer called Northern Gun. Despite its gritty frontier character and reputation for being violent, Ishpeming is a free city where slavery is illegal, freedom of speech is guaranteed, and citizens have some amount of representation in the local government. The kingdom has a high rate of literacy as well as a significant amount of mechanical knowledge due to extensive employment with Northern Gun.

The Manistique Imperium

Occupying the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula, the Imperium of Manistique is the closest neighbor and occasional rival of the kingdom of Ishpeming. The two nations have never been to war, but they extensively compete with one another for customers. Where Ishpeming focuses on weapons manufacturing, Manistique focuses its industry on vehicles, armor, and human augmentation. Though slavery is outlawed, direct representation in government is still limited.

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Major Locations

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