Tag: Atlantis


  • Rahz Potash

    Rahz claims to be an escaped slave from Atlantis who made his way to the mainland to seek his fortune after running away from his captors. He eventually made his way west to Merctown, where he recruits new gladiators for the Hub Battledome. Rahz has …

  • Splugorth

    Little to nothing is known of the Splugorth, save that they are apparently alien monsters from another dimension and that the continent of Atlantis is their playground.

  • Splugorth Slaver

    These creatures, known only as "Slavers," are servants of the dread Splugorth. Many who have heard the rumors believe these creatures to be the Splugorth themselves, though more informed individuals know that the Slavers are mere minions. A Slaver barge …

  • Sunaj Assassin

    No one knows where the Sunaj come from, what they want, or why they serve the Splugorth. Not even other minions of the Splugorth know the true origins of the Sunaj or their true nature. They remain a terrible mystery.

  • Altara

    Very little is known about the Altara, other than that they seem to be clones bred to serve the Splugorth. They are attractive by humanoid standards, though their eyeless faces can be a source of horror for those that look upon them. Altara fight like …