Sunaj Assassin

Black-armored elite assassins who serve the dread Splugorth


These black-armored warriors appear from the darkness, kill with impunity, and fade away again. Those few to survive their assault say that they are armed with both technology and sorcery, and that they seem to use magic without invocations or gestures. They are skilled warriors, and each has a unique—if sinister—suit of armor.

Rumor says that beneath their demon masks are any number of horrors, but the few who have seen under their helmets say that the Sunaj look like completely normal, even attractive, humans.


No one knows where the Sunaj come from, what they want, or why they serve the Splugorth. Not even other minions of the Splugorth know the true origins of the Sunaj or their true nature. They remain a terrible mystery.

Sunaj Assassin

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