Splugorth Slaver

Powerful monsters who control the horrific Splugorth slave barges


These monstrous beings stand twice the height of a man, with a bestial muzzle and arms powerful enough to crush boulders. From their bodies also protrude eight to twelve length tentacles, and their entire form oozes slime and awfulness. Where their eyes should be is a sensor band, perhaps some sort of cybernetics, and their limbs are festooned with built-in weapons. These creatures are never seen without their hovering barges, and it is rumored that they have no lower body at all—that the barge is their body.


These creatures, known only as “Slavers,” are servants of the dread Splugorth. Many who have heard the rumors believe these creatures to be the Splugorth themselves, though more informed individuals know that the Slavers are mere minions. A Slaver barge is a terrifying sight in the hinterlands, since it means that you and your loved ones are likely to suffer slavery or death in the near future. Slavers are almost always accompanied by a contingent of Altara warriors.

Splugorth Slaver

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