Rahz Potash

A tattooed ogre who recruits gladiators for Merctown


Rahz is a tall, powerfully built humanoid with greasy black hair. One of his eyes is a murky white where he nearly lost it in the arena years ago, and his tough hide is covered in scars, burns, and tattoos. His tattoos are apparently magical in some fashion, and he carries a sawed-off laser rifle as a sidearm. He seems more eloquent and clever than most ogres.


Rahz claims to be an escaped slave from Atlantis who made his way to the mainland to seek his fortune after running away from his captors. He eventually made his way west to Merctown, where he recruits new gladiators for the Hub Battledome. Rahz has connections to dozens of famous gladiators, and is a point of contact for dozens more.

Moth thought that the “escaped” part was a lie, and that Rahz sold her out to the Splugorth, who are always on the lookout for runaway Altarans. Her group confronted Rahz and challenged him to a free-for-all in the Merctown Hub Battledrome, in which Rahz’s group got fairly thoroughly stomped. In retaliation for the trouble Rahz had caused them, Ulysses used his powers to burn the ogre’s remaining eye right out of his head, leaving him permanently blind.

Feeling somewhat bad for the ogre and looking to smooth over their bad rep in Merctown, Jon chipped in to have the ogre’s eyes replaced with non-intrusive cybernetics.

Rahz Potash

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