Oliver Breckinridge

A necromancer and Grim Reaper cultist


Oliver Breckinridge dresses like he shops at “Necromancers ‘R’ Us” and curses like a sailor on leave. Without his accouterments, he would be a skinny nobody instead of the fearsome sorcerer that the Grim Reapers have given him the chance to become.


Oliver Breckinridge grew up in the Federation of Magic, a place where sorcery is as natural as science. He was always inclined to the darker side of magic, which eventually took him to the City of Brass, where he was trained in the arts of necromancy. After some years, he fell in with the Grim Reapers, a cult that worships Death as an incarnate being and considers murder a holy act. Oliver mastered the arts of crafting murder wraiths, undead juicers of incredible power, and successfully converted one to his service. With delusions of grandeur dancing in his head, Oliver and his newest candidate for undeath, Ambrosia Skyler, traveled to the town of Wickliffe to start the process of turning her.

Unfortunately for him, Oliver ran afoul of Ulysses Caldwell, who ended his life with a burst of hellish flame.

Oliver Breckinridge

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