A love-struck crazy


Mungojerrie is a quick-flex alien, one of a race of grey-skinned, large-eyed humanoids who are faster and more agile than humans. Her long black hair is styled into various spikes and points, only partially serving to conceal her MOM implants. She dresses in the style of a classical “ninja,” including covering her mouth with a black balaclava.


Mungojerrie (or just Jeri to her friends) was born on Earth, the descendant of quick-flex who came here generations ago via a rift. Her childhood was an impoverished one on the streets of the Chi-Town ’Burbs. When she was eight, a purge of the ’Burbs left her parents dead and her shanty home a burning wreck. She joined a traveling circus and fled the area, performing as an acrobat and occasional member of the freakshow until she was old enough to strike out on her own.

Jeri’s decision to take MOM conversion is one she can’t explain—literally can’t explain, because it left her hysterically mute. Nothing is wrong with Jeri’s vocal cords, but her speech centers seem at least partially scrambled. She can only communicate through hand-signs and telepathy, but her mental powers are crude enough that it’s almost impossible for her to send words, instead relying on old songs, empathic impressions, and visual metaphors to get her meaning across.

Hired by Rahz to be a member of his team in a Battledrome grudge match, Jeri has become infatuated with Jon Ostervarian, the hard-gambling ley line walker.


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