A juicer with nothing to lose


Moth is a tall, powerfully built woman with pink hair cut in an asymmetrical style. She is rarely without her super-heavy juicer plate armor and is never seen in public without her impenetrably black sunglasses. Much of her body is covered in scars. Moth wears the sunglasses to hide the fact that she has no eyes, merely a smooth stretch of skin where eyes should be.


Moth claims to have been an engineer-slave for Atlantis, brought to the mainland to work on some sort of major magitech project. Her “batch” was specially bred to act as engineers and as power conduits for the project, but once the mystic reactor needed to power the project was up and running, her entire clone batch was superfluous. Rather than waiting around to be put down like her sisters, Moth made a run for it and submitted herself to juicer augmentation so that the Splugorth could no longer track her by her magical signature.

Moth finally met her end destroying a Splugorth spy base, but her legacy carries on in the form of her clone-daughter, Moth Junior.


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