Khulan Nida of Clan Leto

A so-called "true Atlantean" living in the coastal stronghold of La Venta


Khulan Nida is a tall, athletic woman, apparently human but with obvious good health and of no known ethnicity. She wears loose trousers and goes both barefoot and topless. Her body is covered with mystical tattoos from her neck to her wrists, as well as down her back, stomach, and hips.


Khulan claims to be a representative of the race of humans that dwelt in Atlantis during the last age of magic, ten millennia ago. When the magic began dying off, the Atlanteans fled Earth for other dimensions but found no true home. They became dimensional nomads, wandering from world to world in search of utopia. When they detected the surge of magic returning to their homeworld, they attempted to reclaim Atlantis, only to find it conquered by a race of hellish monsters called the Splugorth.

For now, Khulan and her fellow Atlanteans build strongholds across Earth, aiding the natives and working to acclimate themselves to a world they have been departed from for far too long.

Khulan Nida of Clan Leto

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