Karl Prosek, Emperor of the Coalition

The Emperor of the Coalition States


A tall, powerfully built man in late middle age, Karl Prosek is a clean-shaven man of military bearing. His once jet-black hair has begun to turn grey at the temples, lending him the distinguished look of an elder statesman. He is rarely seen in public without his ceremonial black armor, red half-cloak, and a cadre of elite bodyguards. His armor is decorated with several of his many medals and ribbons.


Karl Prosek is the Emperor of the Coalition, properly titled Emperor Karl I of the Coalition States of America and the Dominions of Man. He was elected emperor for life by popular acclaim several decades ago and has led the Coalition into a new era of prosperity and unity, as well as increasing the pro-human rhetoric and pushing the States toward ideological and racial purity. Karl Prosek is an avowed human supremacist who has ordered tens of thousands of innocent D-Bees and mutants slaughtered in the name of his hateful philosophies, but who is much beloved by his people as a near-legendary military and political leader.

Karl Prosek, Emperor of the Coalition

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