Josiah Marbury

An elderly cyber-knight looking for a righteous end


An elderly human man with a full beard and the armor of a wandering knight.


Sir Josiah was once a hero of the Order of Cyber-Knights. He fought dragons, saved maidens, and occasionally rescued other heroes from impending doom. Then he got old. As the years caught up with him, Sir Josiah eventually found himself teaching a younger generation of cyber-knights from their hidden temple in the western badlands. He finally decided that he would rather face death with dignity than continue becoming infirm and let old age claim him, so he took up his mantle once more and returned to the life of adventuring.

After several long months working with a mercenary outfit—the only people who would work with the crotchety old man—he decided to settle down again in the small town of Eldon, Missouri, and begin training an apprentice, a local girl named Ellen Dace.

Josiah Marbury

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