Joseph Prosek II

Heir apparent of the Coalition


A handsome man in his early 30s, Joseph has light brown hair, forest-green eyes, and the clean-shaven good looks of a person of wealth and privilege. He usually appears in public in either his formal uniform as minister of public communication or ceremonial armor similar to that of his father, Emperor Karl.


Joseph Prosek (named after his grandfather, the legendary general) is the eldest son and heir-apparent to the throne of the Coalition States. While he prepares for the day he will take the throne from his beloved father, he serves the Coalition as Minister of Public Communication, a department better known internally as the propaganda ministry. Joseph is responsible for keeping up morale, making the troops look good to the civilian population, recruitment, entertainment, and censorship of public media.

Joseph is known for his strategic mind and ruthless attitude. Though he served as an officer in his 20s, he has been a minister of the government for almost a decade now.

Joseph Prosek II

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