Erin Tarn

The Coalition's public enemy number one


No one is entirely sure what Erin Tarn looks like anymore, since the only known photograph of her is from the back cover of her first book, which was published more than twenty years ago. Dozens of current sketches have made their way onto the Coalition’s wanted posters, but the accuracy of them all is in question to one degree or other. Erin’s sole known photograph is of a young blonde woman with bright hazel eyes.


Erin Tarn is the Coalition’s most wanted criminal, a person considered so dangerous that she beats out mass murderers for the top position on the list. Her crime? “Spreading seditious and dangerous misinformation contributing to public immorality”—essentially, someone who tells the truth widely and without respect for the Coalition’s propaganda and lies.

Erin has written several books about life in the modern world, describing her many travels and speaking of magic, aliens, mutants, and other “unsavory” types with equality, brotherhood, and friendship. The ideas in her books are considered so dangerous by the Coalition that simply owning one of them is considered grounds for immediate arrest, usually followed by being sent to a hard labor camp in a distant location—a fate as bad as death.

As far as anyone knows, Erin continues her journeys, and her most recent book came out last year.

Erin Tarn

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