Emperor Eustacio Anacleto Huarte y Muniz

The emperor of Mexico, ruler of the kingdom of Teotihuacan


His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Eustacio I, is a man of dignified bearing and regal appearance. He has a strong jaw, dark hair, and eyes as blue as the midnight sky. His pale skin is a result of his vampirism, but his features are obviously Mestizo. He is typically seen wearing a black suit of silk and leather, along with the hooded robe that is his personal affectation. For events of state, he wears the jeweled crown of the Mexican Empire as well as carrying a scepter of gold and ruby.


Eustacio Anacleto Huarte y Muniz was a farmer trying to survive in the wrecked ruins of the Cataclysm. When raiders killed his family and left him for dead, he prayed to darkness for the power to destroy them and avenge his fallen loved ones. The darkness answered, and he followed its voice into the wilderness. When he returned, he was something other than he had been before—a vampire. With his newfound powers, he destroyed the raiders to a man and raised them again as his blood thralls, only to stake them all and leave them for the sun.

After several years of building his forces and forming alliances with several villages for a steady supply of blood in exchange for protection, Eustacio and his cadre of vampires cleared the ruins of Mexico City and built a new stronghold on the site. Calling the new city Teotihuacan after the former Aztec settlement from ancient times, Eustacio crowned himself the Emperor of Mexico.

Emperor Eustacio I has led his people for centuries with wisdom and occasional bouts of ruthlessness. He has a far more liberal policy agenda than most vampires, in that he regards humans as “lesser cousins” to be safeguarded and shepherded rather than enslaved and devoured. Under his guidance, the lot of the kingdom’s humans has become tolerable and even relatively pleasant. Some old-time hardliners chafe under his “weak” governance, however, as do certain anti-vampire underground movements. Eustacio’s throne is far from safe, even now.

Emperor Eustacio Anacleto Huarte y Muniz

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