Ellen Dace

An apprentice cyber-knight


Ellen is a dark-haired teenage human girl with a ruddy complexion. She has begun to dress in heavy composite armor and carry a vibro-sword until such time as she learns how to summon her own cyber-armor and psi-sword.


Ellen is from the small frontier community of Eldon in the old Missouri territory, just south of Coalition-occupied lands. Her family is one of the two older families in Eldon, second only to the MacKenzies. When Josiah Marbury and his companions saved Eldon from a Coalition expeditionary group, they also helped the town build up their defenses significantly in case of a second wave of attacks from the Coalition States. Josiah stayed in Eldon to take on Ellen as his apprentice. She has yet to face the cyber-knight trials, but she is rapidly showing improvement as a warrior.

Ellen Dace

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