Dhara Hammerheart

The leader of a clan of dwarven refugees


Dhara Hammerheart stands just shy of four feet tall, built blocky and broad like most dwarves. She wears a combination of her people’s traditional garb and more modern Earth clothing, mixing and matching them in ways that lean toward pragmatism and comfort rather than fashion. She keeps her long brown hair pinned up or braided in elaborate coils. She is never more than an arm’s length from a set of tools.


Dhara Hammerheart became the leader of her clan when the rest of her immediate family was killed by the monsters and storms that accompanied an apocalyptic magical event on her homeworld. To survive the disaster, she led her people deeper into the mountains than anyone had ever gone before, passing through strangely glowing passages and emerging on a new world. In the few years since they have arrived on Earth, Clan Hammerheart has undertaken the renovation of a ruined castle in the territory known locally as Arkansas.

The clan is in a precarious position, but they have gained a reputation for being a safe haven for people of all races to trade, rest, repair their gear, and heal their wounds before going back out into the world. Dhara herself is known for being a fair woman who is quick to take in refugees and wanderers with no place to call home. She has said on more than one occasion that this world is a second chance for her people, and that she considers it her sacred duty to offer such a second chance to any and all who need it.

Dhara Hammerheart

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