Carlos Seward

A fence operating in the Magic Zone


Carlos Seward is a young man in his late twenties. His dark hair and eyes aren’t exceptionally handsome, but he has a personal magnetism that makes him popular with the ladies nonetheless. When not “in the field,” Carlos wears the blues and golds of a citizen of Dweomer. He is rarely seen without a sword by his side—something of an anachronism, save for those who know its secret.


Carlos Seward was born in Dweomer, one of the great cities of the Federation of Magic. He applied to the Academy of Magic as a boy, but was brokenhearted when he discovered that he had no aptitude for sorcery. Rather than remain so close to what he wanted but have it forever out of his reach, Carlos left Dweomer to seek his fortune elsewhere.

In the years since leaving home, Carlos has done well for himself. He has a “totally legitimate” resale shop in Merctown, though he’s only there about half the year. The rest of the time, he’s off on “buying trips,” which amount to looting ruins, fighting monsters with hired adventurers, or smuggling. Carlos has contacts in the Black Market, the Coalition military, and the Federation of Magic.

Carlos Seward

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