Ambrosia Skyler

A juicer in the throes of "last call"


Ambrosia Skyler is a dark-skinned woman with long black hair tied into complicated dreadlocks. Her face is tattooed with a skull motif, and the phrase “Don’t fear the Reaper” is tattooed on her neck. Ambrosia is athletic and well-muscled thanks to her juicer enhancements, but she has an air of feverish desperation about her.


Ambrosia Skyler was a girl from a nowhere farming town in the midwest who was kidnapped by slavers as a teenager. After she managed to escape from her captors three years later, she swore she would never be a victim again and signed on with a mercenary company to receive juicer enhancement.

Ambrosia lived fast and hard until she finally got too close to the last call, the point when the drugs would start killing her. She was approached by Oliver Breckinridge, a member of a secretive cult called the Grim Reapers, who offered her a chance to live forever through the use of magic. She agreed, and the two of them traveled to Wickliffe, a small town on the Mississippi River, to engage in the atrocities needed to turn her into a murder wraith.

Ambrosia and her compatriots were defeated and killed by a group of mercenaries who were passing through the area on their way to Merctown.

Ambrosia Skyler

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