Alistair Dunscon

Leader of the Federation of Magic and king of the City of Brass


Alistair Dunscon is known to be nearly a century old, but he still looks very much like a young man in his early twenties. A powerful master of several magical disciplines, it is not surprising that Lord Dunscon has found some method of extending his life and maintaining his youth. His dark hair hangs in a shaggy halo around his handsome face. He is often seen wearing a dark scholar’s outfit accentuated with a white cloak.


Alistair Dunscon’s father, Nostrous Dunscon, was the founder of the Federation of Magic, a loose alliance of sorcerous communities throughout the Magic Zone. When Nostrous was threatened and rebuked by the young Coalition States, he turned the Federation against them in a mighty crusade. The war went badly, ending with the Federation pushed back, Nostrous and most of his family dead, and young Alistair psychologically scarred.

Alistair disappeared for decades, and many presumed him dead. He finally returned from his travels almost forty years ago, establishing his own domain in the Magic Zone, called the City of Brass, and declared himself the leader of the “true” Federation of Magic. His aggressive moves against the Coalition lead many to believe that his long-term plans include a second crusade to avenge his father and seize absolute control over the Federation as a new empire of magic.

Alistair Dunscon

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