Adelia Maria Corazon y Castillo

A supposedly civilized vampire from the kingdom of Teotihuacan


Adelia is a pale woman with dark hair. When recently fed, she looks like a human who has recently overcome a severe illness. When hungry, she looks more like a monstrous corpse. Adelia can conceal her fangs and glowing eyes behind a guise of humanity, but her overall appearance is vaguely serpentine or predatory.


Adelia Maria Corazon y Castillo was born to a peasant family in the Empire of Mexico, sometimes known to outsiders as the Vampire Kingdom of Teotihuacan. Her cunning and courage earned her the notice of her family’s vampire overseer, who took her as a thrall for several years. Her loyalty and intelligence eventually led her patron to recommend her for elevation into the vampire nobility.

A year ago, Adelia volunteered to lead a group of scouts into the north to gain information about the dangerous band of “heroes” called Reid’s Rangers. While many considered it a suicide mission, Adelia was young and fearless enough to think she could outwit the “four-armed white devil” and return with valuable intelligence. Instead, she was captured and tortured for months until lucky happenstance found her free and in the company of a group of northern mercenaries.

Adelia Maria Corazon y Castillo

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